David McColl – Feedback 21 October 2020

David McColl – 21 October

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  • David McColl – “Dental politics during a pandemic”

    Aims and Objectives:

    The aim of this lecture is to provide an understanding of how the current guidelines/recommendations/rules are developed by Scottish Government with a focus on the rate this is changing, who is advising Scottish Government within Dentistry and how this will directly affect the NHS General Dental Service.

    Learning outcomes: at the end of this session you should be able

    • To understand the framework and remits of representative bodies in Scotland and how they represent the needs of NHS dentists
    • To understand how the Scottish Government interacts with the profession through consultation with representative bodies
    • To understand how the Scottish Government informs and interacts with the First Minister to determine policies and guidelines
  • During David’s presentation he asked a number of poll questions, which of these was NOT A POLL QUESTION?
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