Our constitution

Constitution, Rules, Byelaws (Adopted March 1938, Revised March 2007)

I The Society shall be called the ‘Glasgow Odontological Society’.

II The objects of the Society shall be to promote the advancement of Dentistry and the highest standards of patient care through the receiving of communications relating to Dental Science and related subjects, and through interaction among the members.

III Admission to membership shall be open to practitioners currently registered in the Dentists’ Register or those who have previously been on the Dentists’ Register for at least 10 years. Individuals who are not dentally qualified but are interested in furthering the objects of the Society may be admitted on the recommendation of the Council. Students in the final year of the BDS course at any UK Dental School may be admitted as student members. Honorary Members may be admitted on the recommendation of the Council.

IV The office bearers shall be an Honorary President, an Honorary Vice President, a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an Editor of Transactions.

V The Executive Council shall consist of the President, retiring President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor ex officiis and four other Members.

VI No alteration shall be made in the Constitution except at the Annual General Meeting which shall be held in March of each year. Notice of the proposed alteration must be given to the Secretary, in writing, ten days before the meeting, and such notice shall appear in the billet calling the meeting. No such alteration shall be made unless supported by three fourths of those voting.


  1. Any eligible individual desirous of becoming a Member shall apply in writing to the Secretary who shall submit the application to the Council.
  2. The Annual Subscription shall be determined annually at the Annual General Meeting on recommendation of the Executive Council and shall fall due at the first meeting of the session, or in the case of new members on admission. No Subscription shall be due from Honorary Members.
  3. Student members will be eligible for admission to the Society in their Final year. The subscription for student members shall not be collected until they graduate. Student members may attend all the Society’s meetings but are ineligible to vote or to stand for Council.
  4. Members who have notified the Secretary of their retirement from professional employment will be required to pay 50% of the full subscription. This will fall due at the first meeting of the session.
  5. Any member whose subscription is two years in arrears shall cease to be a member of the Society seven days after notice to that effect has been sent to the member.
  6. Members may withdraw from the Society, by signifying their intentions, in writing, to the Secretary.
  7. The Council shall have the power to cancel the membership of any member. Such members shall have the right of appeal to the Society.
  8. The Office-bearers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Honorary office-bearers shall be elected annually and shall be eligible for re-election.
  9. The President shall be elected annually and shall not hold office for more than two years consecutively.
  10. The Vice President shall be elected annually and shall not hold office for more than two years consecutively.
  11. The Secretary, Treasurer and Editor shall be elected annually, and shall be eligible for re-election.
  12. Two Members of Council shall be elected each year and shall hold office for two years.
  13. Members of Council shall not be eligible for re-election until the expiry of one year after their term of office.
  14. Ten shall form a quorum at meetings of the Society, and four at meetings of the Council.
  15. A Roll of members shall be kept by the Secretary.
  16. At each meeting of the Society, members and visitors (see Rule 17) present shall sign an Attendance Register. The Secretary shall give members one week’s notice of the place and business of each meeting.
  17. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Society.