Sanjeev Sood Feedback - 17 January 2023

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Please provide your feedback for the meeting on 17 January 2023 by speaker Sanjeev Sood on "Dental Trauma: the tooth versus the child!"
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Sanjeev Sood - “Dental Trauma: the tooth versus the child!"

Aims and Objectives:


By the end of this lecture, attendees should:

  1. To understand the management of treatment options for the paediatric patient with dental trauma
  2. To update the attendees on dental trauma resources and current guidance
  3. To have an overview on the management of dental trauma and appropriate routes for referral to specialist services

Learning outcomes:

  1. To have an awareness with regards to behavioural challenges with paediatric dental trauma patients
  2. To have an understanding of what can be managed in practice and what to refer to specialist services
  3. To have an appreciation on how to use current guidance related to dental trauma

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