Thomas Fardon

23 March 2021
7pm – 9pm

“How COVID-19 changed my life: a personal and professional view”


A review of the immediate and prolonged response to COVID-19 in Tayside, including the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic.  Some discussion of the treatments used and the evidence base developed, including the use of vaccines. I will also reflect on my own illness with COVID-19, and the effects of ‘Long-COVID” I have experienced.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the NHS in Scotland’s pandemic response at a local and national level
  • To have knowledge of the evidence base for the treatments and vaccinations for COVID-19
  • To understand the implications for dentists of Long-COVID, and how the wider medical team will manage it

About Thomas Fardon

Thomas Fardon is Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine for NHS Tayside, Associate Post-Graduate Dean East Region, Scottish Deanery, Honorary Reader at the College of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing University of Dundee and also Clinical Lead Respiratory Care Action Plan for Scotland. He has contributed to a range of studies and articles on the treatment of patients with bronchiestasis and in 2018 received  the Scottish Thoracic Society President’s Medal

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