Lee Savarrio – Feedback 22 September 2020

Lee Savarrio - 22 September 2020

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  • Lee Savarrio - “Chief of dentistry … moving forward together"

    Aims and Objectives:

    The aim of this lecture is to provide an overview of the role of Chief of Dentistry (Director of Dentistry) and the changes to delivery of oral health services in Scotland in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Learning outcomes: at the end of this session you should be able

    • To identify aspects of the Oral Health Improvement Plan from Scottish Government and apply them to delivery of oral health services local to them
    • To evaluate the delivery of oral health services during a pandemic
    • To assess the learning from the pandemic and opportunities that might positively influence the quality of oral health in the population
  • During Lee's presentation he asked a number of poll questions, which of these was NOT A POLL QUESTION?
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