Chris Barrow – Feedback 18 November 2020

Chris Barrow - 18 November

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  • Chris Barrow - “Recession Marketing in the year of Covid-19"

    Aims and Objectives:

    The aim of this lecture is to provide an understanding of how time management for all members of the dental team has changed in the Covid-19 environment and how to address the patient experience as a result. How the economic effects require practice owners to design a recession marketing plan involving the whole dental team to provide the most effective return on investment and how all members of the dental profession can make the most effective use of digital and direct advertising and word of mouth and digital marketing to engage with their core groups.

    Learning outcomes: at the end of this session you should be able

    • To understand the Covid-19 economy and how to involve the whole dental team in planning new strategies
    • To understand the unique aspects of marketing during a recession
    • To understand how the patient experience must be adapted during the year of Covid-19
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